Anodizing is a multi-step process whereby aluminum is electrochemically processed to form a layer of aluminum oxide (anodic) coating which protects the aluminum beneath. The coating can also be cosmetically enhanced by dying it as a step in the anodizing process. Surface cleanliness and preparation is the key to good anodizing results.  We anodize all types of parts and plates.

Aluminum Nameplates

Lightweight.  Durable.  Aluminum Nameplates are a popular choice for the ability to resist corrosion.  Graphics are easily readable from aluminum.  The strong metal permits for ease of machining and forming.  Exterior life can be expected up to 10 years and allow for graphics to be screen printed or chemically etched.


Metal photo has been the “go-to” option for durable labels, nameplates, equipment panels and more for more than fifty years. The Metalphoto silver halide image is permanently sealed within the anodic layer, making it virtually impervious to chemicals, heat, abrasion, salt spray and UV. Metalphoto meets an array of commercial, government and military specifications including MIL-STD-130N for Department of Defense UID data matrix bar code applications.

Laser Etching & Part Marking

Laser etching also known as laser marking or  laser engraving is a versatile, permanent marking system that may be done on a wide variety of materials, including raw metals, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and plastics.