Metalphoto┬« is photosensitive anodized aluminum. Also referred to as photo anodized aluminum, Metal photo has been the “go-to” option for durable labels, nameplates, equipment panels and more for more than fifty years. The Metalphoto silver halide image is permanently sealed within the anodic layer, making it virtually impervious to chemicals, heat, abrasion, salt spray and UV. Metalphoto meets an array of commercial, government and military specifications including MIL-STD-130N for Department of Defense UID data matrix bar code applications.

  • “Sub-Surface” images for tremendous durability (images beneath the aluminum oxide coating)
  • Black image on silver or gold Anodized Aluminum (or reversed)
  • Thicknesses .008″, .012″, .020″, .032″, .063″
  • Photographic process utilized – O.K. for producing half-tone photos for outdoor applications